Top 10 IT problems Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager solves

Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager is an advanced EDB recovery tool that helps organizations recover data easily and quickly. Here are some common, yet difficult to overcome, Exchange issues you may encounter that Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager can easily correct:

  1. EDB and OST corruption issues – Administrators may encounter both EDB and OST corruption issues in the Exchange environment. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manger can easily recover both EDB files and OST files deals to help return the email communication flow back to normal.
  2. Native recovery difficulties – Generally, the native recovery features of Exchange vary depending on which version you use. In some versions, recovery related actions are to be performed using Shell cmdlets, which can be both difficult and time consuming. With Lepide Exchange Recovery Manger, the recovery procedure is same for all the Exchange versions – simply recover mailbox items in a matter of clicks.
  3. Knowing what the database will look like after recovery – Many third-party recovery tools, along with Exchange itself do not provide you with any previews into how the mailbox or item will look like after recovery. This leaves administrators unaware of how successful the recovery will be until they can actually view the recovered mailboxes and items. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manger provides a preview facility that allows you to see how mailboxes and items will look after the recovery.
  4. Requirement for brick-level backups – Many Exchange administrators opt for brick-level backups, without considering the cost or the possibility of backup corruption, because they perceive it to be safer. As Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager offers granular restoration of mailbox items, brick-level backups are not required.
  5. Lack of features for selective recovery – With native recovery methods you are unable to recover or migrate a few items. Instead your only option is to recovery or migrate the entire mailbox which is a waste of time, effort, and resources. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manger allows you to perform selective recovery and restore only what’s needed.
  6. Storage issues and large PST sizes – Unusually large email attachments consume a lot of space and create storage issues. Exporting large mailboxes to PST files also can be difficult because of the 2GB limit in older Outlook versions. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manger helps to extract attachments from emails and save them separately. It also provides an option to split large PST files into multiple files when they grow beyond a specified size while saving large mailboxes.
  7. Accidentally deleting emails – Users accidentally deleting emails can be a common occurrence in the Exchange database. Occasionally important items may be accidentally deleted and their recovery is necessary. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager simplifies the retrieving such items.
  8. Possibility of downtime – Server downtime is to be expected during all Exchange recovery and migration processes when using native tools. With Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager, you can execute these operations with zero to minimum downtime by scheduling the recovery to run during out of office hours.
  9. Additional requirements like migration and backup restoration – Many Exchange tools, including the native ones, are recovery specific. Administrators will have to look elsewhere should they want to perform any migrations or recoveries from backups. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manger supports small-scale Exchange migrations (including cloud migrations), extraction of Exchange data from backups (created by Symantec, VERITAS, NT Backup, CA Arcserve, and HP), and extraction of attachments from various sources (EDB, PST, OST, Live Exchange, Office 365 mailboxes) without any additional infrastructure.
  10. Restore and Migrate from multiple EDBs simultaneously – Native solutions may help to recover or migrate data from an EDB or PST to another source, but they won’t allow you to search, restore and migrate from multiple EDBs simultaneously. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager facilitates this and more.