Setup Intune Tenant

Microsoft Intune provides IT Administrator the capabilities to manage mobile device, application and PC management capabilities from the cloud. With the help of Microsoft Intune, you can allow your end users to access corporate information securely from anywhere from any device.

Microsoft Intune provides you the capabilities to manage your Mobile devices, Application and PC management.

Follow the following steps to Setup Intune tenant for your organization.

  • Go to Intune Sign up Page to sign up for trial tenant
  • Enter the required information as shown below


  • Create your ID and make sure you’ve a unique tenant ID for Intune.


  • Prove yourself as a human by providing the appropriate information either using Text me or Call me option.

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  • Once you prove your identitiy, save the information of your Intune tenant.


  • You’re done with your trial tenant setup of Intune. Start managing your Intune tenant using Intune management tenant.