Mystery of Office 365 UsageLocation

Office 365 Features Limitations/Restrictions by Location Many of the people might get confused or probably never focused on why we need to specify usage location while assigning a license to end user in Office 365? What’s the purpose of UsageLocation? Is it same as of Country field populated in Active Directory? If you look at a cloud user via PowerShell, you’ll also notice that there is a separate “UsageLocation” attribute. This attribute is the one used while assigning a license

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Office 365 Usage Restrictions

Office 365 Usage Restrictions The availability of services and features in Office 365 varies by country or region. A service, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), may be available in one country or region, and not available in another. Features within a service can be restricted for legal reasons in certain countries or regions. Below is the details of services available in each country or region.  

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Connect Exchange Online using PowerShell

Connect Exchange Online using PowerShell Managing Exchange online with PowerShell requires you to connect with Exchange Online. Few months ago i was working on automating the process of connecting with Exchange online rather then writing the cmdlets every time i connect with Exchange online and you know what i come up with ? Powershell Function which makes it so easy for me to connect to Exchange Online anytime i want to and i don’t have to write cmdlets every time.

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