Office 365 Sign in and Access Panel Page Branding

Office 365 Sign in and Access Panel Page Branding

Office 365 sign in and access panel page branding is a premium feature which gives the ability to apply consistent look and feel across all the websites. With Azure Active Directory, you can now customize the Office 365 sign in and access panel page branding across the organization. Office 365 Sign in and Access Panel Page branding requires Azure AD Basic license. Apart from company branding we do have many other features that are available with Azure Active Directory but the focus of this post will be around company branding. Below table shows different editions of Azure Active Directory and the features available in each edition. You can review all the features available with each edition of Azure Active Directory in more detail on TechNet.


Office 365 Sign in and Access Panel Page Branding

 Company branding is a feature that is available only if you upgraded to the Premium or Basic edition of Azure Active Directory. Azure AD Premium is not currently supported in China.

Following attributes can be customized for your company branding purpose.

  • Banner logo
  • Tile Logo
  • Sign in page text
  • Sign in page username label
  • Background color
  • Page Illustration

More details on customizable attributes can be found on TechNet. User will see a branded sign in page when they visit a tenant-specific URL such as, or assuming that you’ve created a CNAME record for pointing to your tenant.

If a user visit a service with non-tenant specific URLs (such as or he/she will see a non-branded sign in page. The sign in page will refresh to show your branding once users have entered their user ID or selected a user tile.

Access and Login Page Customization

The Access Panel is a web-based portal that allows an end user with account in an Azure AD directory to view and launch cloud-based applications to which he/she has been granted access by the Azure AD administrator. The Access Panel is accessible to all users in your organization at

Sign in or Login page is where users are redirected when they are signing in to Office 365 or other web-based and modern applications that use Azure AD as your identity provider.  To customize access and login page, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Azure Active Directory –> Configure and Click on Customize Branding

Customizing Access Panel

  • Select branding for specific language and choose the language and click next. In my case, I’ve selected English language.

Access Panel Customization

  • Edit the fields for which you want to configure language-specific overrides. Please note that all fields are optional. If a field is left blank, then the custom default value will be displayed instead.

Company Branding

  • Click finish to save the configuration.

To verify the customized Sign in and access panel page, please go to, or