New Office 365 Import Service

Office 365 Import Service

Office 365 Import Service !!

Manual migration of PST file to Exchange Online mailbox has always been a challenging task. Couple of years ago Microsoft released the PST Capture Tool which makes process bit easier and allowed you to organize all of your PST files to one location and then upload the content directly to exchange online. No matter how you cut it, moving dozens or hundreds of GB across your Internet connection is always a costly and lengthy process and you always have user concerns when their data will be available to them in Exchange online mailbox. Many of the customers and partners approached Microsoft asking for help with migrations that could easily take multiple years to complete, because of the time required to move data across the wire. But finally ! Microsoft announce the public preview of the new Office 365 Import Service, which provides two new options for speeding up the process of importing PST files into Exchange Online mailboxes.

  • Option 1: For smaller sets of data, we are enabling network uploads of PST files to Microsoft servers, which we then import into Exchange Online mailboxes.
  • Option 2: For larger datasets, you can copy PST archive files onto hard drives and mail them directly to Microsoft data centers. Once we receive the drives, we copy the PST files to internal servers and then import the mail into Exchange Online mailboxes.

Both of these options will use Microsoft data center network which is obviously much much faster and reliable then our data center network to dump the data to user exchange online mailbox.

Currently 3.5 inch SATA II/III hard drives are supported by the PST Import service. Hard drives larger than 4 TB are not supported.

Requirements for Office 365 Import Service

To use Office 365 import services, we need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • User performing the job in Office 365 Portal must have “Mailbox Import Export” Role assigned in Exchange Admin Center.
  • All data stored on HDD must be encrypted using BitLocker encryption.
  • A carrier account with FedEx or DHL.
  • PST to user mapping file
  • NTFS formatted data volumes

Office 365 Email Archive migration


More details of Office 365 Import tool can be found on TechNet.