Ldifde.exe Failed to Import Schema File Error Code 8224

bannerExchange 2013 — Ldifde.exe Failed to Import Schema file error code 8224

Exchange Server install and upgrade usually involve an update to the Active Directory schema. During my Exchange 2013 Lab Installation I’ve encountered the following error during schema preparation.

There was an error while running ‘ldifde.exe’ to import the schema file ‘C:WindowsTempExchangeSetupSetupDataPostExchange2003_schema0.ldf’. The error code is: 8224.

Above error message indicates that the import of schema changes have been failed and when you check your Schema Master FSMO role domain controller in your forest you’ll notice the following event log in Directory Services logs.

Ldifde.exe Failed to Import Schema file error code 8224

From this warning message we can notice that the root cause is a replication issue in your Directory services infrastructure. In my experience this is due to either a domain controller in the environment is offline or decommissioned incorrectly causing replication issues. To check the status of replication in your Active Directory infrastructure you can either use RepAdmin or Active Directory Replication Services Tool. Once you resolved replication issues in your Active Directory infrsatructure you will be able to extend AD Schema and Exchange setup will not have any issues during the schema extension.

In my lab, one of the child domain controller went offline and i forgot to check that. Once the child domain controller was up and running and I’ve a success message of replication in my lab i was able to extend the Schema during Exchange 2013 SP1 installation.