How to Find Office 365 Tenant ID

What is Tenant ID?

Office 365 tenant stores the user object information in Azure AD to manage them. All Azure AD tenants are sub-domain of root domain. For example if you have a Office 365 tenant setup than your Office 365 tenant domain name will be Initial part of is always unique for each Office 365 tenant and it’s referred as Office 365 tenant domain name. Some very early adopters of Office 365 have tenant domain name that looks like this but now all new tenants inherit the domain. Sometime working with Office 365, you also need to know the Office 365 tenant ID to perform some tasks like Disabling Skype for Business IM History. Every Office 365 or Azure AD tenant has a Globally Unique Identifier referred as GUID that is guaranteed to be unique within Azure AD and referred as tenant ID.

How to Find Office 365 Tenant ID

To find Office 365 tenant ID, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login to Office 365 as Global Admin
  • Navigate to Admin > Admin Centers > Azure AD


You can also login to Windows Azure directly to get this information.

  • In Azure Portal, Navigate to Azure Active Directory


  • When you select the Office 365 Azure AD, your tenant will be shown in the URL in following format

Office 365 tenant ID is listed between /Directory/ and /directoryQuickStart