Setting up custom OWA URL in Exchange Online

When you are working with your customers to transition them to Office 365One of the most important ask is to have customized Office 365 OWA URL to ease end users and have them not to remember something that is not related or company branded like I received these type of requests almost on all of my engagements when customers are moving to Office 365 from on-premises messaging environment to Office 365 or a 3rd party messaging system.

This blog post is not applicable when you have Exchange hybrid deployment. Exchange hybrid deployment has a lot of different things and scenario’s.

Office 365 OWA can be accessed by users by visiting the known URL of Office 365 i.e. and click on the Outlook icon to access the mails in Office 365. Users can also access their emails on OWA by visiting URL but for users to have it customized Office 365 OWA URL to visit for accessing the emails is something that can be company branded like

In order to setup the OWA URL redirection for your organization’s customized Office 365 OWA URL, you need to create a CNAME entry in your public DNS to point to 

Create CNAME record with the name of Mail and point it to 

Once the CNAME records are in place for both public and private DNS of the company, your users now can access OWA by using customized Office 365 OWA URL by visiting and in my case it’s You can visit the Office blog site to see the details of other DNS records requirements for Office 365.