Configuring Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server


Once you have installed the Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server. Next step is to configure your Edge Transport Server for Mail flow and other policies that you would like to implement to your Exchange organization. If you have not installed your Edge Transport Server yet, you can install the Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server by following the steps mentioned here

Edge Transport Server Role is optional in Exchange 2016. It’s up to you to use Edge Transport Server Role for SMTP Mail flow or use 3rd party appliance from Barracuda, IronPort etc.

Configuring Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server

Configuration of Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server is based on Exchange Management Shell. Just Like Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server do not have Graphical interface available.

Verify Edge Services

Before you start Edge Server configuration, test the edge transport server installation by running the Exchange Management Shell cmdlet Test-ServiceHealth Configuring Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server  

  • Verify Transport Agents are enabled.


  • You can disable or change the priority of any transport agent that you want. To disable a transport agent, run the EMS cmdlet Disable-TransportAgent -Identity “Agent Name”

You need to restart MSExchangeTransport Service whenever you disable or enable Transport Agent.

  • Verify Edge Transport server components state


  • Verify default Receive Connector on Edge server

45 Once you have verified Edge Transport Server. Next step is to create Edge Subscription.

Edge Subscription

  • To create Edge Transport Subscription, run the following cmdlet


Carefully Read the message before you confirm. Once the edge subscription is created with Mailbox Servers then your edge server will be managed via EdgeSync replication.

  • Copy the XML file from Edge Transport Server to your mailbox Server.
  • Run the following cmdlet on your mailbox server

7 Carefully read the warning message and make sure you have a local DNS entry and Port 50636 opened on your local LAN for Edge and Mailbox server.

  • Start the edge sync service from Services.MSC

This cmdlet completes the edge subscription setup for your Exchange 2016. Next Step is to verify the Edge Server subscription.

Verify Edge Subscription

  • To verify the edge subscription, run the following cmdlets

8 9

Configure the Internal SMTP Servers if you want to bypass any of your server from Edge Sender ID and Connection Filtering agent.

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