Configure SSL Certificate in Exchange 2016

When you install your Exchange 2016 server, Next step is to configure SSL certificate in Exchange 2016. There are 2 methods available in Exchange 2016 to configure SSL Certificate.

  • SSL Certificate using Exchange Admin Center
  • SSL Certificate using Exchange Management Shell

In this article, we’re going to configure SSL Certificate on Exchange 2016 using the Exchange Admin Center. To configure the SSL Certificate, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Generate SSL Certificate Request

  • Login to Exchange Admin Center using Exchange Organization Admin credentials.
  • Navigate to Servers > Certificate and click on + icon


  • New Exchange SSL Certificate Wizard will pop up in a new window
  • Select “Create a request for a certificate from a certification authority” option and Click on Next


  • Enter the friendly name of your SSL certificate and click Next. Friendly name will appear in Certificates on the server. Make sure you enter a name that is easy to recognize.


  • As we’re not generating a wildcard certificate request, make sure that you’ve the checkbox unchecked and click on Next


Wildcard certificate is supported with Exchange 2016 but it’s not recommended to use wildcard certificate with your exchange server.

  • Click on Browse button to choose where you want to store the certificate request
  • Select the domain names to include in your SSL certificate. Wizard will pre populate the names based on namespace configuration


  • Click next and remove the unwanted namespace configuration like POP, IMAP etc


  • I’ve removed the unwanted namespace. Now we only have, namespace along with my root domain for our Exchange 2016


  • Click Next to provide the information of your organization


  • Click Finish and copy the CSR from UNC path that you mentioned for certificate request


  • Submit the CSR to SSL providers like DigiCert and obtain a SSL certificate