Microsoft Data Amp Party in Lahore April 19

What is Microsoft Data Amp?

A live virtual event on Thursday, April 19th about Microsoft’s latest innovations in data, analytics and artificial intelligence, with keynotes by EVP Scott Guthrie and CVP Joseph Sirosh. The event will include exciting announcements that will help you derive even more value from the cloud, enable transformative application development, and ensure you can capitalize on intelligence from any data, any size, anywhere, across Linux and other open source technologies.

Being a Microsoft MVP, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m going to host a Microsoft Data Amp Listening Party on 19-April in Lahore for all data experts to come and join us. In this party we will be talking and sharing the knowledge around data solutions of Microsoft and how I being an MVP started to learn the journey of Data Amp and what it has done in my experience for this.

To register for this local event in Lahore, please drop us an email with the following information at

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Area of Expertise
  4. Your recent interaction with Microsoft Solutions

We’ve limited seats available.