Bulk Assigning Customized licenses in Office 365 using Powershell

Introduction Bulk assigning customized licenses in office 365 using PowerShell is one of those rare asked that customer can ask you to do based on their business and technical requirements. I have been working with many enterprise customers and many of them come up with the same request to only assign the license for specific workloads in Office 365 as they do not prefer to assign the license of any workload for which they haven’t done the planning and implementation

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Convert Office 365 Domain to Managed

Introduction You are required to convert office 365 domain to managed when you have issues with federated domain or federation provider. We can leverage cloud based identities, synced identities or federated identities to authenticate in Office 365. This blog post is focused on converting the federated domain to managed in Office 365 when you have issues with your ADFS deployment or you are looking at taking off your federation with Office 365. Federated Identities also known as Single Sign on allows

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Setting up Microsoft StaffHub for Information Workers in Office 365

Setting up Staffhub for Information Workers in Office 365

Introduction to StaffHub Microsoft introduced StaffHub a new application in Office 365 designed to help staff workers manage their day to day activities with schedule management, information sharing and the ability to connect with other work-related apps and resources. StaffHub helps deskless workers to easily create and manage shift schedules for their team and provide relevant information. StaffHub is a go to app for deskless workers to schedule and share important information on their mobile device. Microsoft staffhub was made available in public preview

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Setting up Unified Data Loss Prevention Policies in Office 365

Introduction to Unified Data Loss Prevention Policies in Office 365 Every organization is concern about their data security. Regardless of the size of the organization or industry they deal in, organizations want to ensure the security of their data. Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) helps organizations protect their sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Data Loss Prevention policies in Office 365 help organization to protect the confidential data based on business requirements. Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced unified Data

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Setting up GigJam for your organization in Office 365

Introduction to GigJam GigJam is another step of Microsoft in Office 365 to empower end users to do more and also control the access of their corporate data. GigJam was being added in preview in 2016. It’s a new service that empowers end users to spontaneously and quickly involve others in your work. Just circle the live information you want to share and cross out the parts you don’t. You’re always in control of your data and who it’s shared with. By default, GigJam is

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