New Office 365 Import Service

Office 365 Import Service !! Manual migration of PST file to Exchange Online mailbox has always been a challenging task. Couple of years ago Microsoft released the PST Capture Tool which makes process bit easier and allowed you to organize all of your PST files to one location and then upload the content directly to exchange online. No matter how you cut it, moving dozens or hundreds of GB across your Internet connection is always a costly and lengthy process

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Connect Exchange Online using PowerShell

Connect Exchange Online using PowerShell Managing Exchange online with PowerShell requires you to connect with Exchange Online. Few months ago i was working on automating the process of connecting with Exchange online rather then writing the cmdlets every time i connect with Exchange online and you know what i come up with ? Powershell Function which makes it so easy for me to connect to Exchange Online anytime i want to and i don’t have to write cmdlets every time.

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